Workshop and Courses

Course materials/flowers

You might be thinking that you do not have the equipment needed to do this. Where would you get the flowers? What about the equipment? How much would that cost me? Would I be able to afford that?

Not to worry. All the course material and the flowers that you will work with are included. All you need to do is arrive at Rose Cottage, have enthusiasm and the passion for learning. I walk you through every step of your learning experience.

Everyone loves their creation as it is your style. You will take home your masterpieces to enjoy and to show off your talents.


All my courses include food as baking and cooking is my other passion, so you can be assured that there is always something to enjoy – tea and cake, or lunch or afternoon tea. There are endless cups of coffee, tea and cordials!


Your working space is important and here At Rose Cottage, my ‘flower room’ is light and airy and decorated in greys by Little Greene and Farrow and Ball and is located in the picturesque Vale of Belvoir which is ideal for Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire and for those who travel from further afield. I regularly have attendees from all over the UK who are also eager to learn floristry skills. We can also travel to other venues.

I believe we can work together to make your dreams of flower arrangement come true. I hope to see you soon

Reasons People Attend

My Workshops and Courses

Learning how to arrange flowers is an art. Like any art, you might have the desire to learn how to do it but don’t know where to start. You probably buy flowers every week and just put them straight into a vase, or love seeing flowers in your garden and wish to cut them and create a flower arrangement for your home or for a gift. You may wish to change your career and become a florist. So, If you’re interested in learning how to arrange flowers or know someone who is, you have landed in the right place! Welcome to Rose Cottage.

We would like to be the bridge between your desires and your unexploited potential in flower arrangement. We offer workshops, courses, and classes for everyone. If you’re a complete beginner and want to create something for pleasure, we have many half and full day workshops, or if you are interested in becoming a florist or would like more in-depth knowledge, we also have more intensive courses or you may decide to have one to one tuition.


  • To extend and improve their current floral skills
  • To train to be a florist
  • They have received a voucher as a gift
  • To add floral skills to their current business e.g. venue decoration
  • For stress reduction.
  • Visitors to the area looking to do something different
  • For the satisfaction of learning a new skill
  • To have a get together with friends
  • Team building session with colleagues
  • To just do something creative for a change!
  • All inclusive Fees (flowers, materials, tools and refreshments)

Flower workshops and courses are held at our studio in Harby in the stunning Vale of Belvoir (not far from Belvoir Castle). This beautiful studio provides you with the right environment to get your creative juices flowing. The ambiance is ideal for learning, creativity and having an enjoyable time. We are also happy to deliver a workshop at your choice of venue.

Everyone loves being loved and being reminded that they are loved. If you see a workshop that you think someone might like, you can buy it as a gift voucher for them

People’s interest in flower arranging is growing by the day and my workshops and courses are an ideal avenue for people will similar likes to come together. You get to learn new ideas about floristry and enjoy each other’s company. I also organise floral get-togethers for a group of people at Rose Cottage

I can also host a floral get together at a venue of your choice. All you need to do is ask for more information so that we can get the logistics’ process started.

These are great for Hen nights, girlie get-togethers and team building and are good opportunities for people to get to know one another socially in an informal setting.