Wedding consultation


Your wedding flowers are specially designed just for you.  We always start with a blank piece of paper and listen carefully to any ideas you may already have to ensure that your wedding flowers compliment your wedding theme.  At Rose Cottage we really want to understand every special element of your wedding because these details – the style of your dress, the shade of colour on your wedding stationery, every detail is important and helps us design beautiful floral bouquets and arrangements to help you have your perfect day..

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are so important because apart from the bride’s dress they are what everyone looks at and they contribute enormously to the beauty and ambience of the day. Floral arrangements often feature in your wedding photographs which makes them almost as important as the bride! Rose Cottage only selects the finest flowers available at the time sourced both locally and worldwide. There are 5 steps to choosing your wedding flowers. First, decide your budget, second decide on your colour theme, third decide which look you are going for, e.g. elegant, rustic, contemporary, chic and woodland to name a few  fourth identify the specific blooms that will be available at the time of your wedding and fifth the designs you require eg. brides bouquet, boutonnieres, top table etc.

Why have a Consultation?

Your floral consultation is your opportunity to begin the process of designing your floral arrangements. Together we can clarify your ideas for the day  using our professional expertise and experience and can answer any questions you might have. Please share any Pinterest boards, magazine clippings and photographs with us so we can work with you to make your day truly special..


A consultation typically takes about an hour in the welcoming environment of Rose Cottage

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