Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

You’ve got engaged – congratulations! The following months are going to focus all your attention on your special day. There are many styles – elegant, rustic, contemporary, chic and woodland to name a few. Large tablecentres with masses of flowers, jars and tins, foliage runners and elaborate installations . There are so many options out there to choose from it can be overwhelming. To assist you through the maze that is wedding planning here are a few helpful tips.

Firstly, get a folder, set up a spreadsheet and decide on a budget. These are the most important steps in your organization. The folder is important for you to keep a pictorial view of the things that you would prefer and ideas that you might think of implementing during your wedding. The spreadsheet will aid keeping count of what has been done and the outstanding duties. The budget is important in helping you plan your special day within your limits.

Make a rough list of guests, so you know the size of venue you need. The number of people being invited to the wedding will determine a lot of decisions after that. Other than the venue, it will also calculate the amount of food to be served, the amount of cake to be ordered, the type of venue decoration and seating arrangements for your guests.

When choosing you venue it is important to visit all potential venues. Researching online might provide a good representation of the venue. However, there might be significant difference from the photos.

Wedding venues are extremely varied and can include tepees, barns, country houses, hotels, marquees, village halls, golf clubs, castles and unusual venues, such as pumping stations. Think about how many guests you will have and the sort of food you would like to offer them. You should also consider the atmosphere you want your wedding to create, e.g., a formal or informal setting. Watch out for hidden costs such as portable toilets for an outdoor venue, or dance floor for a marquee.

When you have chosen a venue that you both like, the first thing to do is to check the availability of the venue and whoever is going to marry you e.g. registrar or vicar.

Before you finally book your venue, if your heart is set on a particular string quartet, photographer or florist, check their availability first.

You can now send out save the date cards to your guests.


What style of photographs would you like? There are some amazing photographers. Take a look at the weddings they have done and see if you like their style. It is also important to consider whether they have two or more photographers, so they are both capturing different parts of the wedding day. It is useful for one to be with the groom and one to be with the bride during wedding preparations.

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

Normally, makeup artists and hairstylists have a multitude of events to cover, they are usually booked well in advance. Therefore, if you know who you want, you should book them as soon as you have the date. It is always advisable to have a consultant for make up and hair and at least one trial run


.Some florists book many weddings on one day, however we will only book one wedding per day and you are out highest priority. To choose a florist have a look at their work, and ideally contact them to see how you are going to get on together. Decide on a budget for your flowers; there is a guide here (hyperlink to price guide page) to give you some idea, If you would like to create your own wedding flowers Rose Cottage offers a DIY Wedding Workshop (hyperlink to DIY Wedding workshop).


.The music played during your wedding will create the right ambiance for the different parts of the wedding. Choosing a group is therefore very important. Don’t book a band that you haven’t heard play before. Do make sure you know the style that they play, how long they play for, how long their breaks are and what they do during a break. Enquire whether they provide prerecorded music during these points to avoid prolonged periods of silence during the event. You could also put together a list of the songs that you would want them to perform.


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to catering. Personal recommendation is always best. It is also important to sample the food that will be served during the wedding before the actual day.If it is an outdoor event, there needs to either be a kitchen set up at the venue that includes refrigeration or if the food is transported from elsewhere, it should be refrigerated correctly to avoid any nasty surprises of food poisoning that would ruin you day.

Another consideration is whether you will be paying for the bar or whether you will pay for the first drink. It is becoming usual for the bride and groom  to provide either the first drink at the bar or a bottle or two of wine on the table.


The above is just a little taster for planning a wedding. I hope you find it useful